Rubner Tuning Machines for Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele

Rosette Guitar Products welcomes you to our new presentation of Rubner Tuning Machines. Since 2009, we have proudly represented Rubner, providing value priced tuning machines for Classical Guitars as well as Slotted Head steel string guitars.

Now Rubner offers the same quality and value for Mandolin and Ukulele instruments. Please browse our site, and we welcome your questions and comments!

Stauffer Mechanics from Rubner

The "Stauffer-Mechanik" was named by the Austrian Luthier Johann George Stauffer. Invented in 1825, the Stauffer Mechanic still makes a bold impact on period instruments, and once again is gaining popularity among guitar builders.

Due to various plate choices, this mechanic is special order only. Lead time is about 6 weeks. Please contact us for special pricing. Additional plate designs can be viewed on pages 39 & 40 in the Rubner Catalog located under the "Customer Specifics Design" tab on the left margin.

Rubner Stauffer measurements.jpg