Rubner Tuning Machines for Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele

Rosette Guitar Products welcomes you to our new presentation of Rubner Tuning Machines. Since 2009, we have proudly represented Rubner, providing value priced tuning machines for Classical Guitars as well as Slotted Head steel string guitars.

Now Rubner offers the same quality and value for Mandolin and Ukulele instruments. Please browse our site, and we welcome your questions and comments!

New Classic Series Gloss Hauser with Ebony

150-100a-EH-SP-New 003.JPG
150-100a-EH-SP-New 005.JPG
150-100a-EH-SP-New 003.JPG
150-100a-EH-SP-New 005.JPG

New Classic Series Gloss Hauser with Ebony

from 84.00

Hauser Classic Gloss with Ebony Buttons

Model 150-100a-EH-SP-L-gl (click picture for larger view)

Special Purchase with MoldFlon Anti-Friction Bearings

This offer includes the new MoldFlon Antifriction Bearing Feature. Machines feature the 3 disk Molflon Bearing System for exceptionally smooth tuning.

New Classic Series with simple elegance.

  • Gloss Finish
  • Smooth Sleeves
  • Beautiful Ebony Special Button with large decoration
  • Solid Brass with 15:1 Turning ratio
  • Standard 35/70 Roller Spacing
  • Brass String Guides
  • Outstanding value for Rubner Precision
  • Total set weight 5.2 0z. (148 grams)
  • Offer includes 3 inline left and right, matching screws

Options include rollers of White, Ivory Imitate, Metal for Solid or Slotted Head Guitar

Roller style for Pricing:
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The gloss version of the Hauser Classic Series with Ebony Special buttons is a great choice for simple elegance combined with great precision. This model also features the larger button decoration. Moldflon bearing upgrade as standard.